Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia (CCP) - Davies Ambulatory Award

CCP LogoCCP is a medical professional organization committed to the healing mission of Medicine. CCP specializes in providing comprehensive cardiology care. All patients are treated with full effort and resource utilization as indicated by their condition. All activities of CCP support the healing mission of offering health services to our patients and is based on our core values.

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Beginning in 2002, the CCP Board of Directors began discussing the idea of adopting an electronic health record (EHR). Expectations included an improvement in patient care, ability to participate in pay-for-performance, a marked reduction in filing and transcription costs, a reduction in malpractice exposure and costs, and an ability to analyze individual and group practice patterns. Sophisticated accounting software allowed us to understand our finances exceptionally well, yet we did not fundamentally understand how we practiced our core business of cardiology. Third party payers had long suggested quality variations between offices and physicians, yet we had no ability to understand or refute these allegations. Finally, it was clear that quality improvement initiatives were becoming the general trend in medicine, and would likely become mandated in the future. We expected that Information Technology (IT) costs would substantially increase, but the Board felt that savings in other areas would offset these costs.