Care Management and HIE

Examples of HIE services that can provide solutions to care coordination challenges, including guidance for both care coordinators and HIO leadership to identify potential roles for an HIO in the care continuum, as well as questions that should be considered by the HIO before entering a partnership with care providers.

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Examples of Services and Areas Where HIOs May Support Coordinated Care


Potential HIO Role

Identity Resolution

Identifying patients and providers is critical to coordinating patient care

Master Patient Index – used in clinical settings and revenue cycles

Master Person Index – used in social services / community services

Provider Directory

Maintaining a directory of both medical and non-medical service providers

Hosting of 211 services

Community Service Registry

Providing a registry of community-based services, similar to a 211 directory, including services such as:

  • human services providers
  • non-medical service providers (e.g., medical equipment companies)
  • mental health / substance abuse counseling

HIOs might host a community 211 service

EHR Hosting / Integration

Hosting of community EHRs or wrap-around services such as:

  • EHR system and help desk support
  • training services
  • work flow consulting
  • purchasing services
  • medical services organization support

Business opportunity and potential migration strategy to community-based EHR adoption and maintenance at lower cost

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