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The Career Institute offers you access to quality resources, tools and education to help you connect, strengthen your industry knowledge, achieve professional development and contribute to your lifelong learning.

Looking for a health information and technology job?

  • HIMSS JobMine - Start your healthcare job search today.
  • The Job Search - Tips to help as you begin the search for your next career in health information and technology.
  • Resume Tips - Advice that will help get your resume noticed.
  • Interview Tips - Guidance that will help you make a good impression.
  • Networking Tips - Valuable tips on how to establish relationships through networking.
  • General Information - Learn more about careers in health information and technology and other tips to help you succeed.


  • Early Careerists Community - A community for students and those with less than 5 years experience in the health information and technology industry.
  • eMentor Program - Have questions?  Need advice?  Ask our Executives, Nurses and Pharmacists!
  • Veterans Career Services - Our welcome to transitioning military veterans into the health information and technology field.

Strengthen Knowledge

  • Industry News - Articles, whitepapers, blogs and much more that will keep you up-to-date in the ever changing field of health information and technology.
  • Health Information and Technology Job Descriptions - A description of 50 jobs in the health information and technology field.
  • Early Careerists Webinar Series - This series will give you the tools you need to grow your expertise in the exciting field of healthcare infromation and technology.
  • New Graduate Webinar Series - An informative panel discussion series designed for current or recent graduates to increase their success in the job market.
  • Recruitment Insights Blog Series - A six-part series highlighting the broad experiences and skills students bring to the market today.
  • Workforce Data - Are you getting paid what you are worth?  What are the health information and technology priorities, strategic initiatives and industry economic measures?
  • TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – An interactive, online learning platform designed to expand informatics knowledge and skillset in a self-paced format.
  • New to Health IT Learning Track - Are you in IT but new to healthcare or in healthcare but new to IT? Get started with this track of 16 on demand sessions in the HIMSS Learning Center.

Professional Development


The Career Institute
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Whether you are new to the industry, new to your career or a seasoned professional, the HIMSS Career Institute is the one place you need as a health information and technology professional.