Center For Behavioral Health - Davies Enterprise/Organizational Award

CBH has built a large continuum of residential services, mainly for clients suffering from some form of serious mental illness such as schizophrenia. Because their levels of impairment vary, we built a wide range of residential facilities ranging from an acute stabilization unit (Transitional Care Facility or “TCF”) through group homes with 24-hour oversight, to apartment complexes for those who need little assistance. This is noteworthy because these facilities must be linked into the EHR since there are often clinical staff on site. At the TCF facility we can quickly stabilize an individual’s medications or provide other more acute services without hospitalization. Though the TCF is staffed by nurses and is medically supervised, it is not an inpatient unit.

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CBH has had a fully functional EHR since July 1, 2003. The EHR is a dynamic project that is being continually enhanced. We brought up the EHR core application (PsychConsult) in July 2003 and waited a year before adding enhancements. This allowed the core application and workflow within the organization to stabilize. In 2004 we began adding product enhancements. In 2005-06, we rewrote the assessment and treatment plan user interface to improve the level of Decision Support and we developed a hand held application so our mobile workers could electronically capture data. We are piloting a new Electronic Access system that will streamline our intake process which will save us approximately $100,000. All of these developments were done in-house. It is likely that some enhancement or improvement project will always be underway We see this as a normal progression in an organization committed to continuous improvement.