Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority (CIHA) - Davies Public Health Award

Cherokee Indian Hospital is an independent component unit of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  The outpatient department at Cherokee Indian Hospital sees an average of 1800 visits per month, with an active user population of over 10,000 members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

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The RPMS EHR combines the powerful database capabilities of the RPMS with a familiar and comfortable GUI. It contains a suite of components and applications that can be customized at the local or individual level, allowing the system to be flexible in meeting the needs of different types of services provided in the health system.  

Integration of various RPMS components into the user interface allows providers to obtain a comprehensive view of the clinical process.  Access to  patient information is available via "point and click", rather than the user having to log in and out of separate RPMS applications to retrieve different types of data.