Cisco: Streamlining Clinical Experiences in IoT and Connected Healthcare (Whitepaper)

Cisco’s offerings to support connected healthcare start with the network, ensuring that communication is reliable, fast and secure. Cisco DNA for Healthcare leverages advances in Cisco’s network products (switches, routers, wireless and applications) and virtualised functions that enable immediate support for a range of digital technologies and application services. The Cisco DNA infrastructure and application portfolio provides a robust platform for digitally connecting patients and healthcare teams and delivering the core business value metrics for the healthcare industry. Real-time analytics across network traffic and events monitoring tools provide actionable insights that can be applied to improve practitioner workflows and increase security postures. The network can be configured to provide a consistent experience, even in physical locations where usage is typically higher. Security is paramount, and at the heart of the network intuitive vision and the foundations for the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and the software solutions that extend it. In fact, Cisco sees the Network-as-a-Sensor by which data traversing it can be used to identify security threats at all the points the network extends to. The ability to rapidly respond to issues (or potential issues) is built in to the offering, along with other key policy and management capabilities.