Citizens Memorial Healthcare - Davies Enterprise/Organizational Award

Citizens Memorial HealthcareCitizens Memorial Healthcare (CMH) is an integrated rural health care delivery system with 1,538 employees and 98 physicians. The system includes one hospital, five long term care facilities, 16 physician clinics and home care services. The EMR/CPOE project at CMH is known as Project Infocare. The EMR crosses the continuum of care and is used by 100% of admitting physicians. The hospital is chartless – no paper charts are maintained

Read an Excerpt: 

The Project Infocare EMR is available on the CMHnetwork in the hospital, in 16 physician clinics, in fives killed nursing (long term care) facilities, in all rehabilitation services locations and at the Home Medical Equipment site. All 45 providers who admit to the hospital or long term care facilities are actively using the EMR to provide care. All other providers are trained in the use of the EMR and access it as needed. About half of non-admitting providers access the EMR occasionally. In addition, the EMR is available in three independent physician clinics whose physicians admitto CMH. The EMR is also available by remote access. 15 physicians have taken advantage of remote accessand regularly use the EMR from home.