Clinical Decision Support

In order for EPs to meet the objective they must satisfy both of the following measures:

Measure 1: Implement five clinical decision support interventions related to four or more clinical quality measures at a relevant point in patient care for the entire EHR reporting period. Absent four clinical quality measures related to an EP’s scope of practice or patient population, the clinical decision support interventions must be related to high priority health conditions.

Measure 2: The EP has enabled and implemented the functionality for drug-drug and drug allergy interaction checks for the entire EHR reporting period.



For the second measure, any EP who writes fewer than 100 medication orders during the EHR reporting period.

For an EHR reporting period in 2015 only, an EP who is scheduled to participate in Stage 1 in 2015 may satisfy the following in place of measure 1:


Alternate Objective and Measure:

Objective: Implement one clinical decision support rule relevant to specialty or high clinical priority along with the ability to track compliance with that rule.

Measure: Implement one clinical decision support rule.