HIMSS CNO-CNIO Vendor Roundtable

The HIMSS CNO-CNIO Vendor Roundtable optimizes health engagement and care outcomes through health IT by leveraging the thought leadership of health IT supplier nurse executive leaders. Get acquainted with the work of this Roundtable and understand the importance of this growing specialty.

The CNO-CNIO Vendor Roundtable serves as an advocate and leader for the nursing community, provide guidance on informatics competencies for nursing, and provide guidance on EHR related topics including analytics, interoperability, usability, terminology, workflow, quality and outcomes.

This pioneer partnership led by HIMSS and including the nursing health IT suppliers depends largely on the ability to move beyond the cultural norms of each partner's organization in the service of innovation to advance outcomes for nursing and clinical practice.

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The goal of the HIMSS Population Health Management Workgroup is to make the role of the nurse in Population Health Management more obvious. The benefit nursing has in the processs of PHM requires clarification then education. The could make a huge diffference in setting the foundation for how nurses manage Population Health as part of a patient-centered team.

The workgroup was tasked with defining a model for approaching Population Health Management, understanding the evolving role of the nurse and their contribution to Population Health Management, including care management/coordination across the coninuum of care, and outling how health IT can support the role of the nurse nad the core processess required for Population Health Initiatives.

As nurses are crucial to the success of Population Health Management as providers and leaders, positive outcomes will occur through high quality and valued care as it spans throughout the continuum of care. The Population Health Management Workgroup created a video to depict the importance of vendors and CNO & CNIOs to obtain optimal Population Health Management in health care organizations.  

The Change Management Workgroup was formed in 2017 with the increased interest of nurse leaders and their role in change management in their respective organizations. The workgroup has combined forces to create the infographic, How to Succeed in Change Management, with its purpose to realize the value of the HIT investment, achieve benefits and sustainable transformation required for an organizational change management approach, as well as ongoing organization/vendor relationships for continued innovation for leaders across the healthcare spectrum.
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The AONL (American Organization for Nursing Leadership) Trusted Partner Group is a task force to help discover ways for the nursing industry and nursing organizations to convene for purpose of a signle voice alignment of message.

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Members of the HIMSS CNO-CNIO Vendor Roundtable summit hold a HIMSS Corporate Diamond, Emerald or Platinum membership, and are Nurse Executives or Nurse Leaders.

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