Coastal Medical - Davies Ambulatory Award

Coastal Medical LogoCoastal is a medical service organization dedicated to quality care for our patients. We have set the standard for excellence in primary care since our inception in 1995.

In addition to treating common and chronic medical problems, Coastal physicians provide expertise in preventive service, always while keeping pace with the evolving advances in health care. Within our physician group you will find specialists in Cardiology, Pulmonary, Pediatrics and Infectious Disease. We also offer clinical laboratory and imaging services.

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Return on Investment

As with any major investment, financial considerations weighed heavily with Coastal Medical, Inc. as we began the process of evaluating and finally selecting eClinicalWorks as our electronic medical record vendor. Factors that influenced us in our selection included ease of use, flexibility in workflows, reporting capabilities, vendor commitment to a strategic partnership, positive site visit experiences, and affordability/sustainability.

A streamlined and time-limited implementation process was also a consideration at Coastal. With 17 practices scheduled to Go Live, we wanted to minimize the disruption to our providers and our patients.

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Clinical Value

Coastal’s approach to our EMR implementation, which began in 2006, was to address EMR adoption primarily as a clinical challenge rather than as an information technology (IT) project. The EMR was presented to Coastal providers with advocacy and education that came first and foremost from respected clinicians within the group. Prior to our use of an EMR, assessment of the quality of the care we delivered was based largely on reputation and anecdotal evidence.

Today, high performance across a wide range of clinical quality metrics, as measured and reported using EMR functionalities, is a defining characteristic of our organization.

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Coastal Medical’s organization is a case study in the building of a progressive medical organization from the ground up with a clear definition of our goals and objectives for the IT investment. Coastal’s unique infrastructure as it relates to the development of health information technology was designed with the understanding that we were striving to achieve measurable clinical quality improvements, rather than simply streamlining processes with an IT solution.

As we selected and implemented our EMR, we learned how to leverage a new kind of infrastructure in which our core focus was the innovative deployment and management of personnel and team building across the entire organization. This unique structure and emphasis on team building set us apart at the beginning of our journey to process improvement and continues as we expand on and maximize our EMR use.

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Leadership and Governance at Coastal Medical has been built on a foundation of shared core values and a unique culture of inclusion. Our accomplishments as a company stem directly from the deliberate choice to always make the care of patients our first priority. We work to pilot innovative programs in our medical offices and in conjunction with hospitals and specialty care providers, by collaborating and openly communicating within all levels of the organization.

This team approach to leadership and constant quality improvement has developed into a culture of learning that touches every member of the organization in meaningful ways.

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