Columbia Basin Health Association - Davies Community Health Award

Columbia Basin Health AssociationOur patients live and work in Othello and the smaller communities that make up our service area.  This small-town atmosphere allows our staff the opportunity to get to know their patients and ensure their continued quality of care. 

Read an Excerpt: 

In 1999, the Leadership Team of CBHA began work on a vision to establish an EHR system that could meet the long list of demands innate when providing healthcare in rural communities to high populations of migrant/seasonal farmworkers and un-insured patients. Their philosophy was then as it is today, “If you can measure it, you can manage it!” Key elements of this vision included the ability to:

  • Improve provider productivity through process efficiencies 
  • Decrease patient wait times amidst a “Walk-in’s Are Welcome” service culture
  • Improve the quality of patient care, identify their unique health risks, and provide appropriate care including preventative
  • Provide educational resources to all patients regarding their diagnosis, treatment options, and other services available to them, thereby providing them the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their care
  • Query reports from the EHR system for
    • Quality improvement initiatives
    • Tracking and measuring improvements in both provider and patient compliance with specific national benchmarks, regulatory standards, and organizational goals
    • HRSA Uniform Data System (“UDS”) reporting
    • Grant applications
    • Investment justification
    • Pay-for-Performance measurements