Conduct a Needs Analysis Survey

Provider organizations depend on their leaders to identify goals and objectives for success. These leaders must understand and identify the business case for using health IT to achieve successful patient and family engagement. Since every organization and community is different, this can only be accomplished by taking the time to review and analyze what the organization needs.

  • Identify the potential business case for using health IT to engage patients in their health and healthcare.

  • Host a discussion with senior leadership to help them understand the business case for using health IT to engage with patients and their families.

  • Identify the key drivers for patient engagement, such as:

    • Regulatory requirements and incentives

    • Financial incentives

    • Increased market presence

    • Improved population health.

  • Survey your patients/customers to ensure alignment with the patients, families and community.

    • Surveys can provide detailed information from a larger and more representative group of people than you could get from observation alone.

    • Surveying allows for a more honest and objective descriptions of a patient’s needs than what he/she might tell you directly.

    • Surveying allows you to become aware of possible needs that you never saw as particularly important or that you never even knew existed.

  • Validate and document your needs

    • Review survey results with the governance group including providers

    • Review survey results with patient representatives (Patient Advisory Council for the project)

    • Present your findings to senior leadership and obtain approval to move forward.