Cooper Pediatrics - Davies Ambulatory Award

Cooper PediatricsAll of our providers are highly trained, certified specialists. This means they meet the exacting professional standards of their disciplines. Our support staff is courteous, friendly, and efficient. Under the supervision of Dr. Cooper, the nurses and medical assistants perform minor procedures such as immunizations, hearing and vision screenings, and lab work. Our practitioners are trained to conduct many independent exams and handle your preventive care needs.

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In 1995 I was not in the market for an EHR and I knew little about the technology. That Fall, however, a colleague gave me a demonstration of a newly-developed EHR. I asked if I could chart an encounter myself. I then charted a fictitious encounter of a child with pneumonia. It took 30 seconds to chart the physical exam, diagnosis, and write four prescriptions. I immediately knew that the EHR would save me unbelievable amounts of time—and time is really the issue. Time is the only thing a physician has to sell. I decided to take the risk and deploy the EHR in my office.