The Diabetes Center- Davies Ambulatory Award

The Diabetes Center actively monitors over 500 patients using insulin pumps, glucose sensors, and the newest available technology to provide optimal treatment and care. We are a nurse-practitioner-owned, private practice located in Ocean Springs, MS. The practice opened on Nov. 1, 2005, as a direct result of Hurricane Katrina, to provide access to care for patients with diabetes. It serves a patient population of a 75-mile radius on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Read an Excerpt: 

The Diabetes Center, PLLC is a nurse practitioner owned private practice focused on the treatment on management of patients with diabetes from ages 13-geriatric. The site is in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The organization is a one provider with one registered nurse and three other medical staff. It serves a patient population of a 75 mile radius on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with approximately 125,000 lives in the suburban area. The payer mix is 40% Medicare/Medicaid and 60% other third party payers.

The practice was opened on November 1, 2005 as a direct result of the impact Hurricane Katrina had on the previous practice at which the owner worked as an employee. Because Katrina had destroyed bridges and other infrastructure around the old clinic, that clinic was shut down. This resulted in a loss of access to the care needed by patients in the community. The nurse practitioner who owns The Diabetes Center identified a critical need to continue care for patients suffering from diabetes who were unable to travel elsewhere, and so decided to open her own clinic.