DSS, Inc. How VistA Keeps Reinventing Sexy

Times are changing for healthcare organizations, driven by the fact that public and commercial payers are changing how they pay for healthcare services. Traditional fee-for-service, volume-based payment models are being replaced by emerging "value-based" models.

This technology shift means healthcare organizations must become more accountable for the cost and quality of the care they provide their patients. Providers, therefore, are banding together to form more efficient models of healthcare delivery, not just to improve the quality of care they deliver, but also to reduce their own costs and to preserve their profitability.

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The Allure of VistA - A Proven Technology: Healthcare organizations of all stripes, from the largest hospital networks to the smallest specialty practices, must secure proven, effective and economical solutions to help measure and improve patient care, preserve profitability and strengthen the patient base. With their low cost, ease of use, versatility and other benefits, open source technologies like VistA are an attractive solution. Founded on the very principles of open communication and open standards, VistA has a wealth of experience helping healthcare organizations position themselves to meet current and future goals.

While many of today's EHR vendors are just now striving to develop certifiably compliant solutions, VistA for years has incorporated many - if not most - of the necessary components to assess and measure treatment efficicacy and patient outcomes. Furthermore, VistA is designed specifi cally to fit the workflows of its various users, with a resulting focus on care quality, compliance and performance improvement - all of which improve user buy-in. VistA doesn't forget that there are many different types of system users, all with different perspectives and different needs. The simple truth is that the best system in the world cannot provide benefits if providers find it too cumbersome to use.

VistA analytics will prove invaluable as MU takes deeper hold

  • VistA for years has incorporated most of the necessary components to assess and measure treatment efficacy and patient outcomes
  • VistA is designed specifically to fit the workflows of its various users
  • The flexibility afforded by open source technology like VistA gives healthcare organizations the ability to expand their systems through integration with many systems
  • VistA applications address more than 50 institutional needs, including mental health, radiology, oncology, document management, coding and inventory control.
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