EHR Style: A Guide to Smart Design

The EHR Style Guide is a project that AMIA called for in its January 2013 Usability Task Force report.  Our EHR Style Guide is a heavily illustrated interactive e-book with a target audience of EHR / PHR / healthcare app software vendors, EHR client organization implementation teams, EHR consultants, and usability professionals. The book will not be prescriptive, but will be inspirational and illustrative.  It is written in an accessible writing style like that of the science journalist. The book is being produced as a prototype, with iterative feedback from our target audience at 3 stages along the way. We have already engaged a group of readers, and the support of the EHRA Clinician Experience Workgroup. We’ve just finished the first chapter: The Medication List. The work is sponsored by SHARP-C (from the ONC) and California HealthCare Foundation.  If successful in the eyes of the audience, we plan to produce additional monographs on a series of topics as interactive e-books.  This webinar will explore this exciting project.

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