Enabling Clinical Mobility for Improving Patient Care

citrix.gifJoin Citrix and the CIO of Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH) to learn first-hand how MCH leverages Citrix technology to enable clinician mobility and provide telehealth. Doctors can quickly and securely log in to desktops and clinical apps and connect with patients and other physicians, regardless of where they're located or what device they're using. This enables MCH to become more efficient, improve patient care and bring advanced expertise to children hundreds of miles from the nearest specialists.

During this webinar, you will learn how:

  • MCH built infrastructure that empowers doctors to access, share and collaborate around EMRs and other clinical systems as they roam from device to device, room to room or location to location
  • MCH ensures the security of corporate email and patient consent forms on mobile devices
  • Clinicians use their telehealth platform to consult remotely with hospitals around the world

You'll also learn about MCH’s future plans with this platform, which include developing a call center and delivering mobile apps, to continue advancing and innovating the delivery of care to its patients.