Physician Community Podcast

Episode #14: Complexities of e-Prescribing: Physician and Pharmacist Viewpoints


Patricia Hale, MD, PhD, Deputy Director, Office of Health Information Technology Transformation New York State Department of Health, Albany, NY and Mr. Kevin Marvin, RPh, Principal, Kevin Marvin Consulting LLC, Burlington, VT discuss e-Prescribing from several perspectives including physician, pharmacist and patient. Physicians and pharmacists have unique challenges in implementing and using e-Prescribing effectively and Dr. Hale and Mr. Marvin speak to these differences and offer suggestions on how to overcome them through careful project planning and collaboration. They also provide valuable insight on patient issues that will arise during the transition to e-prescribing and how to deal effectively with patient education and communication. They also provide a wealth of information on available resources to assist in your implementation. The interview was conducted by Pam Brewer, Coordinator, HIS, HIMSS.

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