Physician Community Podcast

Episode #17: EHR Usability - The What, Why and How of Applying Usability to EHR Design


Robert M. Schumacher, PhD, Managing Director at User Centric, Inc., a leading global user research firm, and Lyle Berkowitz, MD, Medical Director of Clinical Information Systems for Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group, discuss how EHR usability impacts EHR adoption. Topics include the "paper paradigm," why and how physicians and vendors need to re-think the design process, factors to consider, and how to fine-tune current EHRs.  Hear their thoughts on the white paper created by the HIMSS EHR Usability Task Force (reporting to the HIMSS Enterprise Information Systems Steering Committee): "Defining and Testing EMR Usability: Principles and Proposed Methods of EMR Usability Evaluation and Rating." The interview is moderated by Steve Arnold, CMO of Virginia Premier Health Plan and Chair of the HIMSS/AMDIS Physician Community.

Download the EHR Usability White Paper