Innovation that Sticks Podcast

Episode #27: Mobile Health Today and Tomorrow


Dr. Dan NigrinDr. Ido SchoenbergMobile health technologies are expanding within health system’s walls and outside those walls in patients’ homes and hands. We’re joined by Dr. Dan Nigrin, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Information Services at Boston Children’s Hospital (pictured left) and Dr. Ido Schoenberg, Chairman and Co-Founder ofAmerican Well (pictured right) and we explore the benefits of current mobile technologies being implemented and used in the health system today. We also discuss the future of mobile health technologies and how they could impact the future of care.

Dr. Nigrin and Dr. Schoenberg are panelists at Boston Children’s Global Pediatric Innovation Summit, Taking on Tomorrow, and will be discussing mobile and digital health. In its second year, Taking on Tomorrow, aims “to address unmet needs, solve problems and seize opportunities in pediatric health care.” For more information visit

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