Innovation that Sticks Podcast

Episode #31: Paving The Way For Innovation Through Collaboration


BonnyRobertsJake RishavyColorado is quickly becoming recognized as a national hub for digital health technology innovation, driven partially by a thriving ecosystem of 115 emerging startups and high growth companies, represented by a group called the PrIME Health Collaborative. We are joined by Jake Rishavy (right), Co-Founder of PrIME to explore PrIME's model for collaboration and how it impacts innovation within Colorado.

We are also joined by Bonny Roberts (left), Director of Sales Operations at Aventura for a member's perspective of PrIME. Denver-based Aventura has participated as a member and sponsor organization of PrIME since 2013 and has developed relationships with partners, prospects, local thought leaders and investors through participation in PrIME events such as their annual Digital Health Summit, the inaugural Colorado Digital Health Challenge Awards and monthly meetups. PrIME is working closely with developers of a new 12-acre health technology innovation district called Stride.

Both PrIME and Stride collaborate on a program called 10.10.10 Health, which identifies "10 Wicked Problems in Health, 10 Prospective CEOs looking for their next big thing, and 10 Days in Denver to identify innovative solutions.