Physician Community Podcast

Episode #34: Impact of ARRA Incentives and EHR Adoption


Dr. Larry Ozeran, Physician Informaticist, highlights the impacts of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) incentives on electronic health record (EHR) adoption. Dr. Ozeran discusses factors to think about before making the strategic decision to obtain an EHR, even if providers don’t qualify for incentives. He also gives his perspective on how ARRA incentives could be modified and what the vendor community can contribute to better support adoption. Dr. Ozeran provided more detailed comments on the challenges in the ARRA incentives in his response to the ONC Health IT Strategic Plan for 2011-2015, here: The document is quite lengthy and Dr. Ozeran posted three responses. Once on the page, search for "Ozeran" (Ctrl-F in most browsers) and view the May 4, 2011 comment. This interview was conducted by Dr. Geeta Nayar, Principal Medical Officer at Vangent.