Innovation that Sticks Podcast

Episode #5: Advancing Technology to its Potential in Clinical Settings


Dr. Julian Goldman Photo Credit: MITDr. Julian Goldman, a practicing anesthesiologist and a self-taught computer programmer, discusses how his unique perspective helped frame his view of technology in clinical settings. Dr. Goldman answers questions about artificial intelligence and the challenges of capturing the knowledge of clinicians within technology.

Julian M. Goldman, MD is Medical Director of Biomedical Engineering for Partners HealthCare, a practicing anesthesiologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and Director of the Program on Medical Device Interoperability at CIMIT. He leads a multi-institutional federally funded program on advancing medical device interoperability to improve patient safety. Dr. Goldman completed anesthesiology residency and fellowship in medical device informatics at the University of Colorado and served as a Visiting Scholar in the FDA Medical Device Fellowship Program. He is Chair of ISO Technical Committee 121, Chair of the Use Case Working Group of the Continua Health Alliance, User Vice Chair of ASTM Committee F29, and served on the NSF CISE Advisory Committee and CDC NCPHI Board. His awards include the AAMI Foundation/Institute for Technology in Health Care Clinical Application Award, the International Council on Systems Engineering Pioneer Award, and the American College of Clinical Engineering award for Professional Achievement in Technology.

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