Nurse eMentor Podcast

Episode #7: Robert Kirchner, RN, MSN, MBA, Nurse eMentor


How do you become a nurse informaticist? What attracted you to nursing informatics while you were working with solid organ transplants? What can you learn on the job? What recommendations would you offer to nurses who want to learn more about informatics or healthcare professionals who want to go to nursing school?

Join Robert Kirchner, RN, MSN, MBA, Informatics Nurse Specialist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He has been employed at the Mayo Clinic for 17 years and in his current position since 2007. As part of the Nursing Informatics Division, he focuses on medication, management and the implementation of technology into nursing practice. He has over 28 years of clinical nursing experience and has worked in the ICU, general care, inpatient and outpatient areas, with his clinical practice emphasis   in solid organ transplant. Kirchner has been an active member of HIMSS since 2008; he is a member of the Nursing Informatics Committee and past reviewer for the HIMSS Annual Conference and Midwest conferences. He has served on the Minnesota State chapter board as a regional coordinator and he was the Chair for the Nursing Informatics Awareness Workgroup.

Kirchner is a member of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Committee, which was founded in 2003 in response to the increased recognition of the role of the informatics nurse professional in healthcare information and management systems.

He is also a HIMSS Nurse Informatics e-Mentor.