Evanston Northwestern Healthcare - Davies Enterprise/Organizational Award

Evanston Northwestern HealthcareEvanston Northwestern Healthcare (ENH) is the first integrated healthcare system to put a totally electronic medical record system into an acute care setting with three hospitals as well as 68 office locations. The significance of this state-of-the-art system — now in use by 100 percent of all physicians, nurses and other medical professionals at ENH — is that all patient-related documentation and orders are now paperless throughout the organization. All practitioners work from a single, integrated source of clinical information that is secure, current, legible, organized and instantly accessible in all ENH locations.

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The foundation for the electronic health record (EHR) was laid by the technology vendor, Epic Systems. Upon this framework, ENH and Epic built a system that incorporated the knowledge and skills of ENH clinicians. Numerous changes were required to create an entirely paperless environment. New products that were being developed for the Emergency Department and Pharmacy needed to be incorporated into the final system.