Future of Healthcare

August 3, 2022
| Live Digital Event
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An annual unveiling of new market intelligence with our Trust Partners

HIMSS 2022 Future of Healthcare is the cornerstone market intelligence effort giving new insight into personalized care and digital transformation trends and challenges—and how they will impact the future.

Thank you for attending the live event on August 3, 2022. Now continue your journey with the 2022 Future of Healthcare Report.

Key Topics

  • Personalized care models
  • Digital transformation
  • Health technology and adoption

You’ll attend with a consortium of industry leaders from across the healthcare and technology space who will share data-driven market insights from four perspectives: health systems, payers, clinicians, and patients.


Trust Partners

The HIMSS Trust brings together leaders from across the healthcare ecosystem to collect insights on trends and challenges the industry is facing, as well as predictions for the future of healthcare. The Trust Partnership collaborates to drive the industry forward by summarizing how key initiatives, challenges and advancements over the past year will direct us toward future progress in healthcare, powered by information and technology.

HIMSS Market Insights

Market Insights, a HIMSS Solution, offers full-service, end-to-end quantitative and qualitative industry analysis in real time, representing the voices of customers, patients, hospital executives, IT decision makers, payers, clinicians and more. Put the voice of your customer at the center of your business. Talk with event panelist and Senior Insights Director, Lauren Goodman at Lauren.Goodman@himss.org to learn more.

HIMSS Office of Scientific Research

This exciting conversation will be led by Dr. Anne Snowdon, Chief Scientific Research Officer, HIMSS Office of Scientific Research (OSR). As an expert in healthcare research and analytics, Dr. Snowdown brings her unique perspective and unparalleled insights to help attendees distill the most relevant and actionable takeaways from this industry-leading research.

The Office of Scientific Research (OSR), aims to focus on the creation of robust empirical evidence around digital health, delivering critical and actionable insights and best practices that will power the future of healthcare.

Areas of focus for OSR include:

  • Operational performance of health systems
  • Equity in access to health services and equity as it relates to health outcomes
  • Health outcomes and the personalization of healthcare delivery
  • Impact of digital health ecosystems on health workforce outcomes
  • Global impact of digital capacity and health system performance across jurisdictions