September 7-11, 2020 | Digital

The Kate Granger Awards for Compassionate Care

nurse holding a babyDedicated to "The Year of the Nurse and Midwife"

Submissions for the Awards are now closed.

Now in their seventh year, the awards were set up by the NHS and Dr Kate Granger in 2013 whilst she was terminally ill, to raise awareness and recognise people and organisations that have delivered care with compassion at its heart, through her #hellomynameis social media campaign. Kate sadly passed away in July 2016, but her legacy continues and she would be proud of how far her message has travelled.

The campaign and awards are now global, and with the continued support of Kate’s widower Chris Pointon, outstanding patient care is recognised in the European Kate Granger Awards for Compassionate Care, presented at the HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki Finland 8 September 2020.

This year, the awards will be dedicated to Nursing and Midwifery practice across the European region, in partnership with the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community.

This Year’s Categories

The awards have three categories: individual, team/organisation, and best use of innovation. The panel of judges will value evidence of ambitious and innovative ways of delivering compassionate care, excellent leadership and positive impact on patient experience.

Category 1

  • Recognising an individual Nurse who has demonstrated excellent clinical practice with a focus on compassionate care, improvement of patient care, or delivering solutions to unmet patient needs.
  • Recognising an individual Midwife who has demonstrated excellent clinical practice with a focus on compassionate care, improvement of patient care, or delivering solutions to unmet patient needs.

Category 2

  • Recognising teams or organisations including nurses or midwives working in hospitals, primary or community/social care settings who have created solutions to improving patient care or deliver more compassionate care.

Category 3

  • Best use of innovation in patient care, improving care outcomes, delivery of care, patient experience or compassionate based care improvements. Co-design with nurses or patients would be optimal.

Criteria for Evaluation of Nominations

Those shortlisted should demonstrate how they have made a difference to patient care, providing details about:

  1. Their contribution to improving patient care with a focus on compassion, caring and humanity
  2. The difference their practice/innovation has made to patient care in terms of patient experience or outcomes
  3. Where applicable; an ambitious and innovative way of delivering care
  4. Evidence of inspiring/motivational leadership
  5. Where applicable; an approach leading to impact that can be measured, scaled up or replicated in other clinical areas

Judging Panel

This year, we have chosen a diverse group of expert clinical and informatics Nursing and Midwifery leaders from across our European Nursing Informatics Communities, who will join last years 2019 winners of the Kate Granger awards in making their decision. Each category will have 3 judges.

General oversight of all decisions will be given by Chris Pointon, and the HIMSS team.


  • All winners can form part of the judging panel for next years awards
  • All winners can redeem a free HIMSS Individual membership
  • All winners will receive a complimentary entry to HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital event 2020
  • All winners will be included in a News Announcement, widely disseminated through HIMSS Channels
  • All winners are eligible to be interviewed with HIMSS TV
  • All winners will be mentioned in an article in a HIMSS media platform
  • All winners are invited to write up to three blogs to be posted on or their own site 

#Hellomynameis campaign is fundraising!

As of December 2019 Kate’s fundraising campaign has exceeded all expectations, reaching more than £500,000, with proceeds donated to the St Gemma’s Hospice, and the Yorkshire Cancer Center.

Read about the charities and donate here.

Why focus on Nurses and Midwives?

In celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the WHO and International Nurses Council have named 2020 “Year of the Nurse and Midwife”.

HIMSS and the Kate Granger Advisory Board have decided this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the compassion, dedication and essential role that nurses and midwives play in improving patient care globally; their contributions as key drivers of innovation and improvement of outcomes are valued universally across the care sectors. We hope to hear best practice stories from countries across Europe and encourage as many nominations as possible!

Meet the Panel of Judges for the Kate Granger Awards 2020
We are proud to have gathered an impressive judging panel of nursing and midwifery leaders from across our EU communities, who will work alongside the stellar Kate Granger 2019 award winners from last year, to select those caregivers who have gone above and beyond.