September 7 - 11, 2020
| Digital

Silver Health & Economy: Caring for the Elderly and Vulnerable During COVID-19

COVID-19 has devastated millions of lives worldwide with its severe health, economic and social impacts but above all, its greatest impact has been on the elderly. Dementia sufferers in particular are being disproportionately affected by this deadly virus. Not only are they more likely to suffer the complications of coronavirus and the impact of disruption to routine services and operations. The sustained period of social distancing or shielding that has denied the elderly essential face-to-face contact with friends and relatives, has led to negative impact on their mental and physical health. This session will focus on best practice in caring for the elderly and dementia patients during the pandemic, sharing valuable lessons learned from the first phase of the outbreak. Our expert panel will explore the most effective strategies and technologies to use to mitigate the pandemic’s impact . They will also challenge why such a high proportion of coronavirus deaths and excess deaths during the pandemic were among patients with dementia and look at how to turn the tide on these depressing statistics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the main strategies implemented to prevent and manage dementia globally.
  • Understand the value of promoting independent living and self care in relation to patient engagement to improve patient outcomes in the older population.

Attending this session will earn you Continuing Educational Credits for CAHIMS and CPHIMS as well as accreditation by the ICN and CPD. To apply for accreditation, please click here.

Session Details

September 11, 2020
14:50 - 15:35


Sir Muir Gray
Optimal Ageing Programme
Lawrence Bories
Val d’Ariège Hospital Center
Geja Langerveld
Programme manager
ZonMw, Active & Assisted Living