14 - 16 June, 2022
| Helsinki

University of Helsinki Medical Faculty

Our mission is to conduct high-quality research and provide research-based undergraduate and postgraduate education in medicine and dentistry. The Faculty educates health care specialists, including physicians, dentists, psychologists and speech therapists as well as Master’s degree holders in translational medicine.

Medical research at the University of Helsinki ranges from biological basic research to clinical applications tested in hospitals. The focus of research is on malignancies, cancer, brain and mind, inflammation, metabolism and degenerative processes. The Faculty is ranked fifth in a survey of top European institutions in clinical medicine based on the number of citations.

The Faculty of Medicine is part of the Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH), one of the best medical campuses in Europe. The core of the AMCH’s work is the close cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine, the Helsinki Institute of Life Science and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa to provide the very best for its patients.