2016 HIMSS Analytics Essential Knowledge Series: A look at trends in Population Health


Nov 29, 2016 12:00pm - 1:00pm CST

Population health, improving health outcomes for a defined population in a specific geographic area, is quickly becoming a focus for healthcare organizations as the move from volume to value-based care takes hold across the industry.  However, there is currently no standard blueprint on how to approach population health from a solution or service perspective, which is why numerous technologies and models of care are used to address specific organizational needs.  At the same time, the level of risk assumed by healthcare organizations is on the rise indicating better visibility in how to approach risk and move to value-based care.


HIMSS Analytics has released its most recent 2016 Essentials Brief: Population Health, which provides a high level snapshot of how healthcare organizations are incorporating population health initiatives and leveraging their IT infrastructure and services to improve outcomes.  Speakers Brendan FitzGerald, Director of Research, and Matt Schuchardt, Director of Market Intelligence Solution Sales, will provide a high level review of insight in this topic area.  Additionally, they will provide additional detail and analysis based upon data from LOGIC, the HIMSS Analytics market intelligence tool, on how recent and future adoption of technology will help organizations capitalize on the move to value-based care and improve outcomes for their populations.



Brendan FitzGerald
Director of Research
HIMSS Analytics
Matt Schuchardt
Director of Market Intelligence Solution Sales
HIMSS Analytics