Advancing Care through Telehealth


Nov 10, 2016 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST

Telehealth encompasses various technologies to support healthcare delivery from a distance, providing patients unparalleled access to healthcare professionals. In an effort to increase access to convenient, quality care, healthcare organizations are offering virtual services at an unprecedented rate through a variety of channels in multiple specialties. Telehealth technologies include live videoconferencing, store and forward transmissions, remote patient monitoring and mobile health.


Innovative practices and outcomes of these technologies include:
·Real-time access to specialists in metropolitan areas for patients living in rural areas reducing transportation time and non-compliance
·Virtual clinics for post-acute care patients in order to reduce hospital readmissions
·Remote home monitoring devices to improve medication adherence
·Regional telestroke networks to deliver fast, expert care to critical stroke patients where time is of the essence
·Pediatric teledermatology using store and forward capabilities to provide emergency consultation for hospitalized patients


Telehealth has proven to increase access to care, reduce costs for both the patient and the healthcare organization, and most of all, save lives. However, this industry still faces many challenges and barriers to widespread adoption. In this webinar, you will discover why telehealth is gaining momentum and learn about innovative uses and implementation strategies.


During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Identify why telehealth is a growing trend
  • Determine innovative technologies, practices and research for telemedicine initiatives
  • Discuss telehealth adoption strategies and best practices for project funding, implementation, workflow, reimbursement and long-term sustainability
  • Describe common barriers healthcare organizations face when developing a new telehealth infrastructure

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