Between Value-Driven Initiatives and Expanding Outpatient Services-Where Do Hospitals Fit in 21st Century US Health Care? | Idaho Chapter of HIMSS

November 06, 2019

The webinar will explore the growing trend of outpatient versus inpatient care and the impact this has on the traditional revenue cycle. Engage participants in an informal poll to ascertain what percentage of the group works in an inpatient versus outpatient setting. If the group is in-balanced with a dominant majority of the audience in one setting or the other then talking points will favor the considerations of that demographic; but remain engaging and meaningful to all. Highlight two case studies of successful revenue diversification. Poll the audience to learn their confidence-of-understanding of the strategic value of value-driven payment models. Close the session with an overview of the larger trend towards value-based reimbursements, population health as a normative care model, and the rapidly shifting revenue-landscape.

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