Breaking the People Data Silos: Building the Value Analytics Team


Dec 7, 2016 12:00pm - 1:00pm CST

In the era of reimbursement redesign, volume-to-value transformation, and shared-decision making, healthcare must create a data framework that is flexible, inter-operable, accommodating for expansions and mergers, likely supported by cloud-based computing, and celebrated for real-time meaningful-to-patients analytics.

Over the past two years, Danyal Ibrahim, MD, chief data and analytics officer at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, Conn., has embarked on a journey to break down "people" data silos, and bring together cross functional teams from finance, decision support, IT, quality, clinical service lines, and support platforms.

Dr. Ibrahim is leading a transformation towards producing actionable, integrated (clinical, operational, financial) and timely analytics to address unmet patient needs.

In this session, he’ll explain how these efforts have enabled hospital leaders and clinicians to make decisions that better support patient safety, quality, and experience.



Danyal ibrahim

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

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