The Development of Digital Health and Welfare Services in Estonia, Finland and Latvia


May 8, 2019 10:00am - 10:45am CDT
Virtual Event

Electronic health, referred to as eHealth, is an emerging field that intersects medical informatics, public health and business sciences. Healthcare systems across Europe are facing new challenges with increased budgetary pressure in combination with the ageing population (both cited as key challenges). This raises the need for new and cost-efficient solutions. This rise of digital health and welfare brings about a demand for specialized skills and competencies. The changes that technology brings will call for a different type of employee. To be able to fully utilize the potential of eHealth, professionals in the health and welfare sector need to have proficient digital competencies to serve citizens and to take part in the development of new eHealth services. These revolution-like changes bring about a need for a new kind of educational setting, for both professionals in working-life and in the education of future professionals in health and welfare. The development of the DeDiWe project aimed at responding to these challenges and needs. Join us to learn more about how the project came into existence to transform eHealth throughout Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Presented by Outi Ahonen, RN, MSc, Senior Lecturer, Research, Development and Innovation Unit, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland and Jonas Tana, RN, MA, Researcher, Department of Health and Welfare, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn more about the emerging field of eHealth through the EU as it intersects medical informatics, public health and business solutions.
  2. Discover how the European Commission is strategically enhancing the digital single market throughout Europe to have functional cross-border digital health and welfare systems.
  3. Hear about the unprecedented impact new technology is making (known as the digital revolution in healthcare) when it comes to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations.

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