Do You Know What it Really Costs to Deliver Care? How to Optimize Value & Outcomes


Jun 13, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm CDT

As the organization moves from volume to value, it is imperative to understand not only the clinical risks of the population but also the true and total cost of care by population across the care continuum. This session will describe an approach to measuring the healthcare value and the corresponding costs during the care delivery process, in order to optimize the value.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify the true cost of care from a clinical activity to episode levels, and direct and indirect personnel/patient care costs
• Minimize variations in care delivery. Benchmark performance and quality measures to value
• Employ necessary data, systems and process changes

Stephen Allegretto, BA, CPA, MPH
Vice President, Value Innovation and Strategic Analytics
Yale New Haven Health System

Steve Allegretto is the Vice President, Value Innovation and Strategic Analytics for Yale New Haven Health System, a $4.4B health system with over 24,000 employees located primarily in Connecticut. He is a certified public accountant with a master’s degree in public health from Yale University. He has had various teaching responsibilities at Yale School of Medicine’s Epidemiology and Public Health Program and has a deep interest in demonstrating how the actual application of integrated clinical, operational and financial data drives actual improvement in patient care quality and cost while generating opportunities for value innovation and venture creation.