Health IT Executives Directing the Charge: High Performance Leadership in the Era of Healthcare Transformation

Virtual Event

Jan 20, 2015 CST
Virtual Event

Healthcare organizations are under immense pressure to achieve the Triple Aim: delivering high quality patient care while improving a patient’s experience at a reduced cost. With this focus, combined with the pressure of realizing one’s organizational vision, takes a visionary executive who can effectively lead the charge. This On Demand virtual briefing series brings perspectives and best practices for the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Overall Series Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss both the administrative and regulatory challenges and opportunities facing  health IT executive leaders that may both impede and facilitate transformational practices
  • Share leadership insights and best practices that have truly transformed the delivery of care
  • Examine the (topics/skills/competencies) outside of health IT that are essential to being a successful health IT executive


Jan 19, 2015 CST
Transformational Leadership and Its impact

To accomplish an organization’s mission, visionary leaders embrace change and create a path forward that others in the organization will want to follow. This session highlights the successful journey one healthcare leader took to develop and mentor the next generation of healthcare leaders.  Focusing both on lessons learned in challenging times and how to keep up with and stay ahead of the unprecedented pace of change in healthcare.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify components of leadership development for the next generation of executives and relate these to an healthcare organization’s vision, mission and value 
  • Share leadership best practices and lessons learned
  • Emphasize the importance of developing the next generation of health IT leaders to meet the unprecedented challenges of healthcare


Jay Ferro
Chief Information Officer
American Cancer Society

Jan 19, 2015 CST
Achieving Organizational Excellence: What it Takes

Achieving organizational effectiveness is a journey that can be laden with detours.  While it takes many resources to achieve results, understanding how to optimize both the tools and the resources to truly effect change is critical.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the various HIMSS Awards and their focus
  • Determine the challenges and the opportunities associated with realizing award-winning organizational change
  • Discuss those next steps that can lead to organizational success


 John Hoyt
Executive Vice President
HIMSS Analytics

Jan 19, 2015 CST
Executive Health IT Leadership: It’s About the Commitment

Balancing the many regulatory and administrative demands of healthcare is complex and requires a solid leadership commitment from both executives and the organization’s governance boards. The next generation of executive leaders must understand and respect the ever-changing environment in which they operate. In addition to health IT knowledge and skills, they also need to acquire business acumen, as well as understanding clinical operations, achieving fiscally-responsible financial performance, and equipping employees with superior inter-personal skills. This session explores the tools and resources found in a high-performing health IT leader’s executive toolbox needed in order to achieve success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify emerging regulatory and administrative trends in a healthcare delivery environment and the impact of health IT
  • Outline critical tools and business competencies needed to ensure health IT executive leadership effectiveness
  • Examine tools and resources from other industries that results-driven organizations use to  realize effective organizational changes


Paul S. Peabody
Vice President and CIO
Bronson Healthcare Group