Healthcare Threat Intelligence - Cybersecurity Insights from the Frontlines of Today's Most Significant Threats

Jun 26, 2018 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
Virtual Event

Emily Cranston, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, FireEye – will provide a deep dive into recent events and current cyber trends in the healthcare industry. Leveraging FireEye’s experience on the front lines of today’s most important breaches, Mark will cover topics like: the unique challenges presented by medical devices, the impact of ransomware, the evolution of cybercrime and its link to the health and public health (HPH) sector, targeting by nation-state actors, and recent cyber risks facing healthcare. This webinar will offer insights into the healthcare industry organizations targeted by these attacks – from hospitals and insurers to healthcare management systems and product manufacturing – and the assets at risk, including patient information, business plans and network infrastructure documents. Mark will also profile the threat actors behind these attacks, discuss the factors shaping the threat horizon, and address steps healthcare IT and security professionals can take to protect their organizations.

Learning Objectives

Provide insights into:

  • The threat actors targeting healthcare organizations
  • The healthcare organizations at risk from cyber attacks
  • Healthcare industry assets at risk from cyber attacks
  • The factors shaping the future threat horizon for the healthcare industry
  • Steps IT and security professionals can take to protect their organizations