Healthcare under Attack - Know Thy Enemy

Oct 18, 2018 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
Virtual Event

The healthcare industry is a desired target for cyber attackers, may their motivation be financial or political. This session will analyze some recent attacks and cyber events in the healthcare industry and provide insight into the attackers’ mind and tactics. 

Targeted attacks on healthcare providers have resulted in the loss of millions of records. How do these attackers execute their sophisticated and well-executed campaigns? How do they decide whom to target and which industries, including healthcare, are their biggest opportunity based on their individual objectives. What type of data are these attackers interested in and why? How are they using and monetizing their “spoils” in the underground market? And how do we, the security researchers, actually gather and analyze this type of data and make beneficial use of it?

Once we understand the threat landscape, we will look at how this actually impacts the healthcare industry. We will review breach data trends and show how healthcare cyber risks are changing and how costly and complex the implications of a cyber-attack can be. Further, we will look into the state of readiness and preparedness of the larger healthcare industry. Are we in good enough shape to thwart today’s advanced cyber-attacks?

Lastly, we will provide a brief review of how security defenses are changing and how we can improve our cybersecurity posture so it is on par with today’s attacks. What capabilities and skills will healthcare providers need to develop to be ready for a secure and safe future?