HIMSS Analytics Essential Knowledge Series: 2017 Trends in Telemedicine Technology


Jun 9, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm CDT

Telemedicine continues to be a healthcare IT area of great interest for clinicians and patients/consumers as organizations look to expand access to care and the services they provide while increasing convenience.  Building upon critical insights uncovered from past studies, the HIMSS Analytics 2017 Essentials Brief: Inpatient Telemedicine Study highlights four years of market data focused on the adoption of telemedicine technology across the U.S. hospital market.

Additionally, HIMSS Analytics has for the first time produced insights on the adoption of Telemedicine technology in the outpatient market with the 2017 Essentials Brief: Outpatient Telemedicine Study. This study will provide market data focused on current telemedicine solution adoption rates and plans to purchase as well as insight into some of the barriers to adoption currently facing physician practices today.

HIMSS Analytics speakers Brendan FitzGerald, Director of Research, and Matt Schuchardt, Director of Business Development and Innovation, will provide a high level review of insight in these areas.  Additionally, they will provide additional detail and analysis based upon data from LOGIC, the HIMSS Analytics market intelligence tool, on how the telemedicine is helping inpatient and outpatient healthcare organizations use technology to transform how they provide care.

Learning points for this webinar:

  • Access current telemedicine solution adoption rates and plans to purchase
  • Get snapshot statistics for telemedicine solutions across the entire US hospital landscape
  • Understand high level adoption information for telemedicine solutions across the US inpatient and outpatient landscapes


Brendan Fitzgerald
Director of Research
HIMSS Analytics

Matt Schuchardt
Director of Business Development and Innovation
HIMSS Analytics


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