HIMSS Early Careerists Webinar: Career Advancement

Jun 12, 2019 11:00am - 12:00pm CDT
Virtual Event

Speaker: William (Bill) F Wilson Jr, MBA, Global Healthcare CIO, Independent Healthcare Consulting

Mr. Wilson is a global healthcare CIO and has served numerous healthcare entities throughout his career.His experience includes not-for profit, for-profit, private, community, public, and academic facilities. He holds an MBA from the University of Oklahoma and is active in HIMSS on a national level.

Session Description:

What does the term Career Advancement mean to you as an individual?  This term has been used to describe aspirations of a general audience but needs to be applied to the individual.
1. Identify the ideal role you see for yourself
2. Identify the type of organization you prefer to work for
3. Identify education, certification, training to establish personal credibility
4. Create a realistic roadmap and timeline
5. Select mentors/resources to assist you in professional development