HIMSS Veterans Career Services Webinar: Warriors to Workforce Program

Apr 11, 2018 12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT
Virtual Event

Transitioning from the military to a civilian career can be challenging. In this presentation, attendees will hear from two Veterans who have made the transition who work with Veterans in the Warriors to Workforce Program (W2W). This is an 11-month program that offers Veterans an opportunity to transition into a new career in the federal government by applying their military skills and experiences to the Contract Specialist field.  The program focuses on foundational technical training, peak performance training, transitional support, mentoring, and professional development.

Kasey Kazakavich, Kasey Kazakavich, MS, NCC, LPC, Program Manager, Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Acquisition Academy, Warriors to Workforce Program
David Sella, USCGR (Ret), MS, PMP, Director, Warriors to Workforce (W2W) Program, Acquisition Internship School, Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy