HL7 Value-Based Care FHIR Summit

Apr 11 9:30am - 12, 2017 2:00am CDT
Microsoft Technology Center | Chicago, IL

Co-hosted by: The HL7 Payer User Group, Microsoft, BlueCross BlueShield Association (BCBSA) and the AHIP Innovation Lab

Join us at the HL7 Value-Based Care FHIR Summit for discussions and demonstrations of the technologies that will enable improved provider-payer collaboration for information exchange, which is essential to the transition to the value-based care model.

This event will focus on value-based care and other collaborative care models that require strategic, tactical and technological alignment among a variety of stakeholders and will include the following use case scenarios:

  • How to retrieve clinical data elements (problems, medications, allergies, etc.) from EHR systems to calculate quality measures, key components of value-based care
  • How to request and deliver electronic attachments of clinical documents (PDF, C-CDA or CCDA-on-FHIR) between payers, providers, and clearinghouses to support high priority data needs for value-based care interactions
  • How to illustrate the communication flow of a care plan between value-based care stakeholders involved in the care coordination for a case of Type II Diabetes Mellitus