How Genomic Data Banks are Enabling Progress in Precision Medicine


Oct 10, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
Virtual Event

Genomic data has enormous potential to help clinicians be more targeted in their treatment of disease. For that potential to be realized, healthcare will need to collect and analyze the data of patients across a broad spectrum of genomic types.

Kaiser Permanente is now building a biobank from a population that numbers more than 275,000 patients, with a goal of adding more than 200,000 more. The biobank records include the longterm care records of patients and in many cases blood samples and survey-based environmental factors.

In this webinar, Nazneen Aziz will explain the vital role that biobanks are playing to facilitate innovative research through cooperative exchanges of knowledge. Dr. Aziz will describe infrastructure development that is taking place and the approaches that healthcare institutions are taking to ensure that biobanks recruit a broad distribution of samples. And the procedures taking place to ensure transparent exchange of data among accredited institutions.

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