The Impact of TLS 1.3 on Enterprises

Aug 22, 2018 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT
Virtual Event

This presentation focuses specifically on enterprises that have their internal network traffic TLS encrypted, which includes many large bank, health care companies, and health care providers. 

If TLS 1.3 is installed “as is” within these enterprises, it will cause a serious lack of visibility for troubleshooting, network security monitoring, and a host of other business critical functions.

The new end-to-end encryption built into TLS 1.3 makes it impossible to see a corporation’s data if TLS 1.3 encryption is utilized. Therefore, it’s not possible to properly examine (HIPAA) security and performance concerns. This could lead to degraded service and possibly undetected attacks and a lack of compliance.

Attendees will achieve the following:
Become aware of the impact that standards can have on an enterprise and determine how to become more engaged, on a permanent basis, from an enterprise and industry perspective.

Speakers: Darin Pettis and Steve Fenter