Machine Learning over Our Growing Electronic Health Records


Jul 23, 2019 3:00pm - 3:45pm CDT
Virtual Event

Precision health involves utilizing all we know about an individual, not treating everyone as an average patient. Delivering more personalized care requires tools that collect and make sense of a range of data to allow for targeted, precise treatment. Humans cannot possibly hope to be able to connect all we know in health today with all that is known about a patient, process his information and provide advice to a patient in a 15-minute consultation. Machine learning, and particularly deep learning, has proven to be helpful for high-intensity modeling of health data. This involves processing a large volume and variety of data to uncover patterns at both an individual level and a population level. Precision Driven Health’s research is harnessing New Zealand’s unique combination of linked electronic healthcare data and world-class research capability to enable the development of data-driven solutions that can be applied globally. Presented by Kevin G. Ross, PhD, CEO, Precision Driven Health, New Zealand.

Learning objectives:

  1. Recognize how machine learning models can help clinical practice to become personalized care
  2. Recognize the role that data plays in decision support: the breadth of data we need to understand, and the scale of records we need to study
  3. Identify how to engage the clinical community with data scientists to co-develop solutions

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Event Contact Information

Toria Shaw
Senior Manager, Professional Development