Making Connections: The Internet Of Things In Healthcare | Heart of America Chapter of HIMSS

Jan 14, 2016 8:00am - 5:00pm CST
Polsinelli Law Firm | Kansas City, MO

Patients are taking a much more proactive approach to managing their own healthcare.  There are many solutions that are assisting patients, family members and caregivers to collect, manage and analyze their health in-formation. From wearables with highly sensitive sensors, digital devices capable of collecting multiple bio-metrics on a continuous basis and various remote monitoring solutions, the volume of data being generated that needs to be securely managed is astronomical. In addition, the technological, political and social factors which are driving the need for organizations to adopt IoT enabled solutions must be understood before embarking on this venture. We will have industry experts address preparing the strategy and governance, present actual IoT applications in use today as well as the impact this has on the healthcare infrastructure that is already dealing with a myriad of challenges with interoperability, regulatory compliance, security and the ability to manage the exponential growth of the volume of data that will be brought into their systems.


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