Mobile App Security 101 for Healthcare: Essential Tools for HIPAA Compliance


Dec 15, 2016 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST

According to security experts, the majority of mobile apps used in healthcare today are open to HIPAA violations, hacking, and data theft.

Almost any app is vulnerable: messaging, mobile EHR/EMR/ERX/PHR, telehealth, patient portals, customer service, wellness, health insurance apps, and many more. In fact, the nature of the app is not so important. Any unprotected app can serve as an open gateway for hackers to obtain PHI.

Why so? Because the most damaging attacks on the mobile platform target the application layer and do so silently.  Jailbreaking, Rooting, Code Injection, App Cloning, Screen Scraping, and Brute Force attacks. These fancy names mean that the hacker can (unbeknownst to you) get access to all encrypted data on your phone and within your apps, modify how any application works and perform tasks that put PHI at risk and your organization in danger of a HIPAA violation.


Join VASCO security experts for a webcast that will discuss the dangers of security exposure for mobile apps in healthcare. We will show you how to minimize your risk and bring your vulnerabilities to zero.


Our presenters will cover:
• The nature and consequences of mobile attacks
• Regulatory compliance for mobile apps in healthcare
• Best practices in securing mobile health apps
• Recommended solutions to protect sensitive data at rest and in transit:

   o Jailbreak and Root detection
   o Anti-cloning
   o Infection protection
   o Secure communication channel
   o Secure storage
   o And others



Michael Magrath

Director of Business Development



Will Lasala

Director of Services


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