Patient Engagement & Experience Summit

Mar 5, 2018 8:00am - 4:30pm PST
Wynn Las Vegas | HIMSS18

Exploring What Works | Driving Success

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations are making patient engagement and experience a top priority – and for good reason.  Engaging patients in their care and providing care that is respectful and responsive to individual needs, is key in moving toward patient-centered care.  It also drives improve care and quality, is linked to controlling costs (and getting paid!), and provides an important differentiator in an increasingly competitive healthcare market.

The Patient Engagement & Experience Summit is presented by HIMSS and the Cleveland Clinic, and will dive deep into patient engagement and experience and bring together leading providers, payers, researchers, and government officials who will share best practices, case studies, and expert insights into technology, tools, and strategies being used right now to deliver patient centered care.