Patient Engagement Summit

Feb 9 - 10, 2015 EST
Hyatt Regency | Orlando, FL

Best Practices for Improving Care and Reducing Costs

Patient engagement - getting patients to actively participate in their own care - has been dubbed "the blockbuster drug of the 21st century." This dramatic paradigm shift has the power to reduce healthcare costs and improve care outcomes. Since this is an emerging strategy, many providers need clarity on how to engage patients consistently and effectively. And, to a certain degree, industry skepticism must be overcome for real change to take hold.

We confront and respond to both of these challenges at the Patient Engagement Summit, by offering a content-rich agenda that will edify attendees on the "how's" and "why's" of patient engagement. The two-day event brings together leading providers, payers, researchers, and government officials who will share best practices, case studies, and expert insights into technology, tools, and strategies being used right now to successfully engage patients in their own care. Find out what patient engagement means in tangible and meaningful ways.

Whether you are just dipping your toes in the waters of patient engagement or consider yourself an experienced practitioner, please join us at the Summit. We welcome all members of the healthcare industry to take part in a lively discussion and exchange of ideas centered on a strategy that strives for health.

Reasons to attend the Patient Engagement Summit:

  • Hear from expert panelists and keynote speakers who will share: how patient engagement is changing the face of healthcare; the business case; and the do's and don'ts of patient engagement.
  • Learn about best practices and case studies. Find out what is working for providers and how behavioral science is providing the clues to piece together the puzzle of successful patient engagement.
  • Share your ideas and experiences from the field.
  • Network with your peers and industry leaders, subject matter experts, and research technologists.
  • Meet new contacts and strengthen existing relationships within the healthcare industry.
  • Gain knowledge that will benefit you and your organization.
  • Enjoy sunny Orlando in February.
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