Pioneers in Innovation: Lake Nona Medical City


Sep 27, 2016 2:00pm - 2:00pm CDT

A new chapter in Orlando’s history, the 650-acre health and life sciences park known as Lake Nona Medical City (LNMC), is more than just an architectural landmark. Carefully planned and laid out, Lake Nona Medical City represents a deliberate strategy to create a centralized focus on sophisticated medical treatment, research and education in Central Florida.  Based on the premise that healthcare and life sciences facilities in close proximity to one another will accelerate innovation, LNMC has become home to some of the nation’s leading hospitals, universities, research institutions and health and life sciences companies. 


LNMC pioneered a prototype of an Intelligent Home that is a showcase of connected technology, such as integrated analytic sensors that report and monitor residents’ personal body metrics. The new GuideWell Global Innovation Center brings together key industry stakeholders for the purpose of collaborating on innovative solutions designed to improve the effectiveness of care and manage consumers’ health while lowering costs. In addition, the VA Medical Center serves the region’s 400,000 veterans and was the first VA hospital built in the U.S. in 20 years. Nemours Children’s Hospital stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration, as one of the nation’s leading pediatric health systems. 


The ultimate goal for technology use within LNMC is fostering the transformation of healthcare and advancing medical research through technology. 

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